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Espita Car Rental

Espita is a well settled town situated in the Espita Municipality, Yucatan (Mexico). You will love everything about this town. To have a better view, you should go for the Espita car rental deal. The customers can clear their doubts anytime by contacting our customer executives. They will help you get the best deal at affordable rates. The Espita car rental services are easily accessible online and you can book the reservation in few clicks prior landing in the town. On an additional note, you have the facility of unlimited mileage with the Espita car rental service. Think about our services!

Espita- Highlights

Espita is situated on the Litoral Oriente (East Coast) or you can say on the Region I of Yucatan State. This town holds an average height of 27 meters. The natural view of this town is fascinating and heart taking. Simply, car hire at Espita to explore the town in depth. One of the wonderful sites here is the Ek' Balam. It is mysterious like its name. It is an archeological site for you. It was built by none other than the Maya civilization. There are so many evidences proving this. This is an interesting place to explore for the tourists.

There are so many festivities celebrated here in honor of baby Jesus. Baby Jesus along with Saint Joseph is the catholic patron saint of Espita. This festivity is celebrated from 9 to 29 December, where the 25th of December is the chief day of festivities. If you are visiting the Mexico in December, do not miss this festival. Rent a car at Espita and reach the place where it is being celebrated. Other major festivities include the bull fights, dance in the evening, traditional vaquerias and the gremios (dances in the day time). Love it for everything!

Hire a car at Espita and get a wonderful ride around.